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Crane Statue

At the center of our cemetery, located within the Garden of Time, sits a 15-foot towering marble statue, which was sculpted in Carrara, Italy by internationally renowned sculptor Bernard Zuckerman.

Most people viewing our statue for the first time instinctively gaze skyward to see a magnificent crane, perched high upon a marble globe—almost as if the statue were directing you towards the heavens. In fact, that may have been the artist’s intent. According to legend, some cultures believe the powerful wings of the crane are able to convey souls up to paradise. That makes this beautiful work of art a very fitting centerpiece to this sacred area.

Upon closer examination, you'll begin to notice even more detail, such as an intricately carved box featuring a large scripted W and M for Williamsburg Memorial. But one can't help to wonder if the W and M could also be a subliminal reference to William & Mary, the beloved university of Colonel Benjamin Stoddert Ewell, former owner of this hallowed ground.

Follow the smooth, travertine marble column downward and you’ll arrive at a large octagonal base, engraved with a verse from Ecclesiastes 3: “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens”. These verses were also popularized in 1965 by the British band “The Byrds” in a song called, “Turn! Turn! Turn!”

This is certainly another fitting reference, especially since this statue is also a fully functioning timepiece. Affixed to the south side of the travertine column is a bronze sundial, reminiscent of early sundial sculptures, such as the famous pelican dial, which can be found at Corpus Christi College in Oxford, England.

Our design team was so impressed with our crane statue, and the legend surrounding it, they used it as inspiration for our new logo. But, to truly appreciate this amazing work of art, we invite you to see it yourself. Call us today at 757-565-2006 to schedule a private tour of our cemetery and to see this amazing sculpture.

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Williamsburg Memorial Park Crane