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Floral & Decor Regulations

Williamsburg Memorial Park encourages friends and families to honor their loved ones with approved flowers and decorations. In order to maintain an atmosphere of dignity and serenity, provide safety for our visitors and staff, and protect the rights of our property owners, we ask that you respect the following floral and decor regulations.

For your convenience, seasonal silk flowers may be purchased at our Customer Care Center located at Ewell Hall. As always, if you have any questions, or need to clarify a regulation, please call our office at 757-565-2006. If you're a section 4 or 6 property owner and you would like to make modifications to your lot, please use our Email Form to send us your request in writing. Be sure to include your lot section and lot number if known.

Approved Decorations

Gravesite Flowers

The following decorations are permitted in all sections of our park. Please note that Williamsburg Memorial Park is not responsible for the security or care of any decorative items placed at a gravesite—or the replacement of items taken or damaged. Expensive items and family heirlooms should be avoided. When handling bronze vases, gloves are recommended as spiders and other insects often nest in the underground compartment. Deer frequent our cemetery year round and will graze on fresh flowers, so please keep that in mind when making your decorative selections.



Will be removed


Only helium filled balloons are permitted. Mylar balloons are recommended.

After 7 days


Must be contained in a bronze vase.

After 7 days


Must be contained in a bronze vase. Silk flowers are recommended.



On wooden dowels are permitted, but must be contained within a bronze vase.


Floral Baskets

Only permitted during select holidays*.

After 10 days


Only permitted during select holidays*.

After 10 days


Only permitted during select holidays*.

After 10 days

Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths may include non-breakable plastic decorations.

January 15th

*Select holidays include Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, and birth and anniversary dates. To keep our park looking nice, some items may be removed at our groundkeeper's discretion when they have become worn or damaged by weather or time.

Restricted Decorations

The following decorations are NOT permitted in Williamsburg Memorial Park. Any restricted item(s) we remove from a gravesite will be kept at our Customer Care Center for 30 days, then discarded. Williamsburg Memorial Park reserves the right to remove any decorations which we consider to be hazardous or intrude on the rights of others.




Except for Sections 4 and 6, items placed on benches is strictly prohibited.

Breakable Items

Breakable items are hazardous to people who walk through or kneel at a gravesite. This includes bottles, figurines, ornaments, snow globes, statues, and aquariums or terrariums. Statues and figurines placed on Bronze Memorials will eventually cause mineral deposits, which will erode the protective finish and void the manufacturer's warranty.


Plain or gift wrapped cardboard boxes deteriorate rapidly and cause unsightly litter in the cemetery.


See Breakable Items.

Coat Hangers

Coat hangers or wire used to attach decorations to gravesite markers, benches, vases, trees or other cemetery items or landscaping are NOT allowed.


See Breakable Items.


See Breakable Items.

Flag Stands

Except for sections 4 and 6, flag stands are not permitted.


Food attracts insects and animals and the wrappers become litter.


See Breakable Items.


All landscaping, including the planting of trees, shrubs, and flowers, is strictly prohibited. Section 4 and 6 lot owners are permitted to make some landscaping modifications, but ONLY after you have received written approval from Williamsburg Memorial Park.

Marker Decoration

Except for Sections 4 and 6, no paving, pebbling, or grading is allowed around a marker. However, granite and synthetic foundations (bases) are available for purchase at our Customer Care Center.

Metal Objects

One of our chief safety concerns is the placement of small or large metal objects which may fall in the grass and become shrapnel when picked up by our landscaping equipment. These items will also rust and leave stains on the Bronze Memorials. Therefore, all metal objects, including lawn flag stands, wind chimes, metal toys, windmills, pans, chairs, settees, are prohibited. Flag stands and wind chimes are allowed in sections 4 and 6, but only after written approval.

Metal Stakes

Anything which causes holes to be dug into the turf are strictly prohibited.


Except for Sections 4 and 6, mulching around bronze memorials and on burial rights is prohibited.

Park Trees

Except for Sections 4 and 6, items secured to park trees is strictly prohibited.


Only unbreakable plastic items are allowed.


See Breakable Items.

Wind Chimes

Except for sections 4 and 6, wind chimes are not permitted.


Wire stuck into the ground or used to attach decorations to gravesite markers, benches, vases, trees or other cemetery items or landscaping are NOT allowed.